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A gun in one hand. A gun in the other hand. Wow.

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Today's additions are as follows, dear reader:


These aren't anything fancy, yet. The main thing behind machineguns is that they freeze your movement for about one second so that you can't run around while firing. MGs will see more glory once I get in multiple ammunition types for them, like Armour Piercing.

Dual Pistols / Dual SMGs

This was the main 'beef' today -- which also consisted of realigning projectiles that are shot locally so that they appeared in the right places remotely (for multi-shot guns like shotguns or dual weapons) -- whereas you can now use dual pistols or dual SMGs to spew forth even more firepower. The balance to this is that the recoil-per-round is increased, the reload time is higher, and you cannot use active-utilities/tools (not implemented yet :P) while holding both. So hopefully with some tweaking they'll become nice and balanced.

(I'm always having so much fun while playing with my testers that I keep on forgetting to take screenshots. So, you keep on getting just boring old me. ;P)

Framerate-Independant Timing

This no longer should haunt me. For a long time now testers with lower-end systems had strange things occuring, like blood spewing out further when players died, or taking a longer time to come to a stop, or getting more recoil than everyone else. D'oh, I had forgot to apply the framerate-independance to the friction on particles/players. This was a little tricky because I was applying the delta value to the friction, which already tiny, so some precision issues arose. I still need to get this tested by the testing folks, but I'm pretty sure it's fixed up.


I love overkill. The concept actually originally came from a game I had written back in ~2001 where the player's corpse would be flung back with a trail of blood depending on how much damage you delt to him on his death. Therefore a shotgun blast at point-blank when your enemy has 5% health will send his corpse flying back, and a simple pistol shot from afar will only nudge him a little. Essentially only a visual goody, but (future) snipers and close-range folks will definitely get a kick out of this.

(Ewwww. Or is this a little too gory?)
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Recommended Comments

You can never have enough gore, I guarantee you.

Dual SMGs are awesome. Now all we need are dual sawn-off shotguns with a bit of flair to 'em.

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No such thing as too much gore.

Suggestion. Instead of having the dual weapons at the end of the weapon list, how about binding them to the same key that is already those weapons. I.e... 1 - Pistol ... pressing 1 while you have your pistol out will bring out another pistol, and pressing 1 again will put the 2nd pistol away. Same with the SMG.

This game is reminding me a lot of F.A.R.T.

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@Ravuya: I'm not so sure about dual shotguns. I mean, is that even possible without falling flat on your behind? :P

@Laz: Groar! I actually originally planned to allow for flexible dual-wielding like you're suggesting, but it just wasn't fitting into the rest of the gameplay/interface that smoothly. I forget the details of it, but simply decided that this way would be the least painful, and still yield ooey gooey results. ;)

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Golden eye has dual shotties but it also has dual rocket launchers. Whats up with that? Awesome job Hope, sorry I've been so busy with work latly, You'll obviously need more gun icons and such. :D

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