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The next time anyone tells you that development is easier on Windows XP I want you to tell them to write good GLSL-management code that will deal with all the intricacies of the various shaders and other extensions.

I did finally get it up and running on Windows XP, in both the non-shader and yes-shader versions. It looks equally gorgeous on OS X and Windows. In fact, the screenshot at the bottom of this entry was taken on XP!

Anyway, Glow no longer requires multitexturing nor shaders. I was runnin' it today on the folks' creaky old P3/450 with a Quadro2 (the card was a castoff from my old workstation; what, did you think a web browsing machine would have a workstation graphics card in it?). Getting some decent framerate too though that'll change once I start getting a bit more gore out there.

I distributed builds to a few different people and they're appreciating the pure level of design and detail in the software so far even before the gameplay is largely implemented.

I also sat down today and implemented stats actually affecting gameplay. It uses the CSRPG 2 tri-stat system but with far better results; bumping up your dexterity stat will make you run faster, intelligence will improve your aim and damage with firearms, and strength will make you one tough son of a bitch, increasing both your maximum HP and the amount of damage you soak from hits.

Not much new on the screenshot front, because I spent a lot more time working on the guts, adding assertions in smart places and fixing up the destructor to actually free memory.

I'm going to try and make RavBitmapFont a lot faster; I think it's slaughtering my framerate. Anyway, the next time I update I promise I'll have people popping caps all over and dust spraying off of walls you've hit. Okay?!

Hell, I might even have the scripting engine drafted out by then, so we can have cinemas!

I would've gotten more done today, but I spent about four hours outside doing the sidewalk and the driveway; our new 6HP snowblower is somewhat less useful than originally advertised.

And what kind of a host would I be without some screenshots? A right bastard, that's what kind. Here are some shots of my dark purple UI elements; they look a lot nicer with the game world, don't you think? Also pictured is the stats bar bumping my stats up to an unreasonable personal velocity. Luckily, I have analogue mouse control (hold down right mouse button to run in that direction, draw the mouse away from the player to run faster) so you can run as fast or as slow as you need.

Bitchin', innit?
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Aye, I was going to buy the first edition from my university bookstore but decided to hold off. Is it worth it?

I already got the book Shader X^3 from a Superstore for like $15; it has a bunch of HLSL shit but it also has good theory in it.

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This is very groovy -- why haven't I seen any of your recent journal entries until now!?

Everything is looking wicked nice so far. Especially the cool grayscale atmospheric effect you're going for. Keep the screenies coming. :)

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So how long are you keeping your xmas avatar?

I say we keep them till next year!

(and good luck with your project)

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HopeDagger: I've been kind of living in secret with this thing for awhile so I could have something more impressive. [grin] I wanted to originally release a shot of my character being beseiged by the damn dirty undead but I guess this works too. Thanks for the kind words!

Scet: I was probably going to change out Christmas Questy for Sombrero Siesta Questy (Olé!) today.

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