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Hip-Hop Gaming League

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Will F


This is one of the strangest things i've seen in awhile. Apparently Snoop Dogg has brought us the Hip-Hop Gaming League. Here is a quote from the press release

Speaking at a massive press conference in Hollywood, Snoop (real name Cordozar Calvin Broadus) said he was seeking "to end all rumors and speculation about the league," which has been in the works for some time. Athletes will compete against each other on Xbox 360, he said.

Snoop, who will act as the official Commissioner, said the initial regular season would run five weeks, followed by one week of playoffs. The HHGL will be open only to an A-list of musicians, athletes, producers and other entertainers personally selected by him. Among the biggest names: Method Man, Denver Nugget Carmelo Anthony, soccer's Cobi Jones and Cincinnati Bengal Chad Johnson.


A long-time gamer, hip-hop icon and film and TV star, Snoop said he would put his personal stamp on the league, settling disputes, enforcing league rules and generally running the show

What has the world come to?
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Aw crap. My free-form Jazz gaming league doesn't stand a chance against Snoop.

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