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Frigate and station updates

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Consolidation of the engine continues. I've been fighting against path and files management for a couple of days. That's just no fun, but it now seems to be working as expected. It's now possible to set some aliases to directories in the path of files. For instance:

- $current is the path of the parent file ( for example, when a file is included from another )
- $base is the path to the base directory of the program
- $data is the path to the data folder, that contains models, shaders, textures, etc..
- $cache is the path to a folder that can contain temporary files ( for caching purposes, ie. can be safely deleted at any time without consequence ).

JoeB has finished to UV-map his frigate. There are no textures yet, so i've just made a 256^2 gray one, to see the shaders work on it. Looks pretty cool.

Shawn has added pods to his station ( see screenshot ). For fun, i placed JoeB's frigate in front of the main hangar door.. as expected, it appears as a black dot from the distance. Yeah, that station is freaking huge! Shawn is now working on the station inside ( docking rooms and tunnels ).

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Some critique on the art: I'd just like to say that the metal on the frigate looks very good as it is right now, so I would try not to make the textures too heavy, it might detract from the looks a bit. They could have simply the outlines of some details, a few parts in different colors (reactors, etc) and maybe a big logo of the trading company or faction. That's just IMHO, of course :) (also, variety in this area would be nice -- some ships mostly metalic, others which have been painted)

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--"some with painting" ? it's a free world. if the ships are textured easy enough you could make the ships paintable. that's always what we love to see, lone rangers in space making their ship their own. airforce pilots do it.....--

good to hear fomr Infinity again :), been a long time now. Man I just hope the choise of ships will be as massive as the world they fly in. I'm currently playing Eve Online. A lot of things (almost anything except for the controls, wich are real bad) from Eve are things I (and many others) like to see in a space game with balls.
You just need to get the feeling of getting left alone. But that's a problem for many "classic"-roleplayers. I can't wait to know how (in a long time of course) you will create the gameplay so that community and lone-space-stuff are mixed to getter perfectly.

As always: keep up the good work, it's awesome.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I think some pics on that site might look familar to you:

Site is in German but still, it's a nice promotion of your work :-)


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