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Help me, Derrick Evans!

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I'm sure everyone has felt it sometimes. I know I have seen threads about it in the Lounge. I figured I would put this here so that it wouldn't clog there up with another one.

I'm really enthused by my current project. I have no shortage of big ideas, and very often a guideline of how that would work just rolls out in front of me. Pages of notes on ideas and their implementation, point and counterpoint reside on my disk. But when it comes to it, I am currently having a lot of difficulty actually getting code written. I have a bit done, but right now it seems that if I sit down in front of a computer I am quite content to just listen to music, or surf.

Take last night as an example. I sat down at the computer at 9, fired up my Linux box for SVN, loaded up VC# 2005 EE, opened the Textpad workspace with my notes. I decided at this point to check up on my emails, read my comics, catch the latest on GDNet and a few other sites, etc for a short while before getting to work. Before I knew it, it was 10.30. At this point I closed Firefox and browsed through my notes, decided on some jobs to get done. I think I must have decided on about 5 jobs to start, and in the end I only got one done. All that entailed was refactoring some code to a new class.

Its gotten to the point where it has really started to bother me how little I am getting done on it.

Its not like I am doing nothing at all. I work 9-5.30 Monday to Friday (though the commute makes the hours more like 8-6.30). Barring a few issues, its a job I enjoy - a good place with good people.

It also leaves me with lots of waiting time (in fact, I'm writing the first draft of this while waiting for Windows Update to patch up a fresh XPSP2 installation), which if I have no important tasks to look at, I tend to use to clarify my notes and perhaps do a little research on techniques, skim over these articles and bookmark them for at home. Of course, these might not be looked at again for days.

It doesn't help that for the last week or so my head has been stuffy, think I'm coming down with a headcold.

Perhaps I'm just being lazy, perhaps I'm just tired, but I would love to be able to overcome this lack of motivation and get some work done. I know many of you also work long hours, and work on personal projects at night. So I wonder, what do you do to overcome feeling like this?

Brainfart of the Hour: Music currently keeping me from productivity includes:
"The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy" - Joby Talbot
"Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo`ole
"Take on Me" - a-ha
"Little by Little" - Harvey Danger
"I'm with Stupid" - Aimee Mann
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