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Week/Class 6

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In yesterdays class we finished the maze tutorial for the first hour, then we spent the rest of the time demoing the programs we've produced. I only spent a couple hours on mine and felt sure that I was going to get a failing grade on it, but it turns out that most of my classmates produced things that were far, far below what I had done. A suprising number were just a single room with a ripped sprite moon walking (the moonwalking being a bug that was quite common). The consequent lowering of the bar made my piece of crap look quite nice in comparison.

The teacher pushed back the due date for the assignment till next week. Oddly, the design document now needs to be placed as part of the program in the game information section. This isn't something I expected, otherwise I wouldn't have replaced the F1 functionality with my warp to the next level cheat button.

In interests of full disclosure, I'll post my train wreck of a game. It's a more or less blatant rip off of Gradius/Life Force, though it's 100% programmer art and not ripped sprites. (I swear some of my classmates spent more time looking for sprites than they did programming.) I finished about a level and a half, but I got most of what I wanted for the power-ups done.

Or not. Gamedev doesn't be seem to be accepting my uploads. I'll try again later.

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