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That's the last time!

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Ok! That's the last time I'll change my Avatar (for a month...). I drew it with Inkscape, and it's my favorite so far.

I just got the book "C++ cookbook". I didn't know why it was called that, until I looked at the table of contents. It is just filled with random tidbits of C++ programming information.

C++ may be a brutal language to learn, but at least there is alot of resource material out there to help.

I'm most interested in the XML portion of the book, but alot of other info in it is great too. I want to try out the XML here so I can see if I can use it for the enemy scripts in Stompy's Revenge. For example:

RobotGuard 20 100 1



Or I could clean up direction to:

If I choose to. I don't know If I will use XML at all in this project, but I think I should at least give it a try.
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Yeah I've been reading up on that too. It reminds me of Mappy, which I used to use for tile based games.

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