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New news means... News!

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Yes, yes; I'll get better subjects one day...

Minor progress has been made. After getting sick of listening to the inane ramblings on #gamedev, I *gasp* did some work. I added a PlayList class to the sound code I had. It will take arbitrary sound base classes and play them in order. Woo.

A whole 50 lines at the very most, but it worked the first time out which always fills me with joy. Plus it's something, which is a good start to get out of a coder's block. Shuffling is on the TODO, perhaps tonight; perhaps not.
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Eh. Shuffling done. It actually wasn't as hard as I expected (though it wasn't as easy as it would be in C++).

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Anti-anti productivity devices are working then, I presume? Care to share the secret? [oh]

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