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Designator labels!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I dont have much time to write this, but I wanted to post a screen showing off my newest little feature. I call them designator labels, and they make life worth living again...

Anyways, all they are are a diagonal line, then a horizontal line, and then some text, but the cool part is that when you create one, they don't just appear, the text looks like it's being typed in, its not nearly as cool in a screenshot, but I'm going to post one anyway, because it still looks pretty cool. Right now all they are used for is the showing of a ship's simple stats.

Well, let us know what you think, I'll talk to you guys later!
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Recommended Comments

I like the labels, they're really nice.

Do you have a more "zoomed out" version of your tactical map that, for example, would represent your units as green triangles and theirs as red squares? I'm finding it kind of hard to visualize how I would do long-range commands with the camera the way it is in the screenshots.

It might just be part of the sidebar; can you hide the sidebar with a button press temporarily?

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Yeah, for now, this is the only main view of the battlefield, although we are going to put in a minimap, which you could use to quickly zoom the camera across the map. As for where it will go, we really want that big blank space in the sidebar to have one of Mark's huge nice pictures of the ship you have selected, but we are thinking about either tabs, so you could change what gets displayed there, or have pop-ups that you can interact with. At this point we're just experimenting with different layouts.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Hey Sapo, my sister noticed all the stars in the background are all green. So, um, fix it. Now.

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Yeah, I forgot to reset the color back to white before rendering the background, the new labels set it to green, and the residual tinted the texture. Fixed.

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I like them; plus the coolness points of having them consistantly appear on all units (right?) goes without saying. :)

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