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Damn you, PC World

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Evil Steve


Well, after I handed in my notice at PC World, saying that I was leaving on the 12th of March, some bright spark put me down as leaving on the 12th of February. So I've been oblitterated from the tills, payroll and the staff rotas. Which now means that I (Well, one of my managers really) have to fill in a form saying that my wages are incorrect, and I have to get another person to log into our tills every time I want to check stock, check prices, or sell anything. In other words, every 5 minutes. Which is a pain in the ass.

Aside from that, I've done bugger all to TEH MMORPG!!1. I'm probably going to do something to it tonight, but I might just go watch a DVD instead.
If I'm doing anything, I'll start work on the server, and then handle login stuff on the client properly. I have a munch of code that I can just drop into a project, so I should have a simple server running fairly quickly. Features I want for the server:
  • A simple GUI, just a log window and an edit box that I can enter commands into
  • A web admin page, for if I'm unable to VNC to my server for any reason, and just for giggles really
  • A multi-server architechure, so I can have several servers all connected to a central login server
  • Windows async sockets (WSA*() functions) for networking, since I'm not too fond of trying IO Completion Ports again. IOCPs would probably be over the top anyway. And using standard socket functions and select() is annoying, and not all that efficient. Besides, I've got some code that's pre-tested for async sockets.
  • I need to test the server with between 1000 and 5000 clients, just to see how it handles things. I'm not sure how I'll manage that exactly, I might try to enlist the help of some of you guys, and write a simple app that makes around 500 connections and randomly sends data on sockets. That way the load will be split up a bit, so my net connection gets a bit of a test, as well as getting a better figure than doing a LAN test.

    I've pretty much stopped playing Guild Wars these days, I've just got fed up with it. There's not eneough members of our guild online to do Guild Battles unless it's a properly organised thing, and I'm bored with PvE, since I've ascended with 2 characters. All that's left to do is to train up my Warrior/Mesmer, complete Hell's Precipice (the final mission), and capture some elite skills.

    Anyway, I think I'll procrastinate a little, then get started on TEH MMORPG!!1 server.
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    I'm sure between TA and GDNET we can create a reasonable stress-testing environment for you. Should be fun.

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    I can turn into a special kind of retard when it comes time to do stress testing. Just ask Thor. I'm sure I've raped his code enough.

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