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I don't really have anything important to say today.

In continuing with my "If you're doing something and it seems like its too much work, then it's probably already been done before" series, I have a small tale.

Once upon a time my company wanted to Title Case a string. I was tasked with the job since I'm the newbie here. (ugh). Feeling frustrated that System.String has no ToTitleCase() function, I typed in "TitleCase" to MSDN...


String System.Globalization.TextInfo.ToTitleCase( String );

So, I saved the day. Not only does our application properly Title Case strings, but it now supports multiple cultures as well.

A Hero Is Me.

(give me my minute in the sun, ok? I had a pathetically worthless day.)

Hey look, my calendar is a whale!!!
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What the hell sort of deformed whales do you see :/

That's pretty sexy actually. I'd probably just barge ahead and write a function to do it. I shall bare this in mind...

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