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For reference sake (and for those who care), I did do all the digital inking in Inkscape. However, I did use a scanner for draft images done in pencil, and I did elect to use The GIMP to do the colouring in as Inkscape doesn't have flood fill (as that doesn't make much sense with vector graphics). In retrospect it might have been quicker to use morphed polygons in Inkscape; filling in all those tiny holes was a pain and a half with The GIMP.

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Thanks for the support guys!

I actually think art is more of a skill than a talent, and most people can learn it if they practice; I used to be terrible, and now I'm just "bad" [wink]. That's why I'm thinking that a regular comic mightn't be a bad idea; that way I'll force myself to get digital pen on paper and get those hours of training in.

It's not like there's anything decent on T.V. these days anyway [smile].

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John <- amused

FWIW, Flash has a vector floodfill. Basically it creates a polygon that "fills" a closed shape.

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Thanks everyone!

A flood-fill polygon tool would be really useful, so I'll see if I if there's a demo version of Flash. If it's really helpful it might be worth the investment to buy.

Additional: Whoa, does Flash Professional 8 really cost over a thousand Aussie dollars?!

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