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Diet Day 25

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February 25th, 2006, Saturday - Weight: 110 kg . BM . Pool . 25

* Woke up at 12:00, went to bed late, as is tradition on a friday. Had some cod fish with potatoes and some grain, with loads of olive oil on top, and some whole bread. Awsome. Now trying to muster up the courage to go to the pool, it's raining cats, dogs, even the ocasional horse out there...

* Did go to the pool after all, didnt really feel like going. It's raining like crazy, I might even have gotten weter outside of pool more than in there, eheheh. Had the pool all for myself, the weather is really very uninviting today. No kids screwing around though. Didn't count how many laps I did, but I did a good few.

* My weight is starting to fluctuate upwards, away from 109 Kg, don't know why exactly... perhaps this is the phase where my body replaces "tissue constructed with poor materials" with tissue made up of better materials, from my now richer diet.

@graveyard filla: Before and after pictures could be fun, I'll have to really consider that. Perhaps do a quick video with the camera and just shoot my torso.

Thanks to all the people that keep reading and posting, I feel some support off of you guys when I come in here and read the replies.

Time to dust off those wigs! Enjoy the Carnival! [wink]
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Just as you know, muscles weigh a lot more than other stuff in a humans body. I you train regulary, you'll get muscles, which will, eventually, make you go up in weight. That is good, you know:) You can't get a unlimited amount of muscles wither, so keep going, and your weight will go down. Keep it up!

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