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This will probably be the last post on my Tile Studio stuff. The loader is now pretty much where I want it. In the last week I've ported the C code to C++(by making my own SDL OO wrapper) and now the maps/tilesets are saved in my own binary format instead of C style headers.

I whipped up a quick demo showing some sequence and collision work. It's based off the Sint map example, basically you just move the little bishop guy around.

New code and .tsd file for binary output.

Edit: oh yeah if you happen to run sint.exe and find it's really slow, that's because I had to set it to 25FPS. I'm at my fathers place and his computer really sucks, it threw a fit if I set the timer under 40ms. The map render code is actually quite fast.
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It is really slow. Haven't you heard of delta time? [grin]

Other than that, it seems fine. Except I can't figure out how to jump!

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Except I can't figure out how to jump!

Function not yet implemented due to lazy programmer [grin]

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Man that's sweet.... After taking a look at the code, I've concluded that you officially kick ass.

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In some solutions, the map file overwrites a recently created map file. I solved this by using:
#file <ProjectName>\\<TileSetIdentifier>_<MapIdentifier>.map


With just <TileSetIdentifier>, some levels relating to that tileset are overwritten, with just <MapIdentifier>, some maps are written over other maps. To solve this, combine them both into one (<TileSetIdentifier>_<MapIdentifier>).

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Yeah I realized that after saving the Sint example and all the maps named "Level" overwrote each other.

It's not a problem with my binary loader since it does things by tileset instead of by map.

Probably should have said something earlier.

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