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Looking good. Couple things:

The tree bark looks a bit pixelated on the edges. Is it just because we are so zoomed in?

Very bottom center of the second picture: what is up with the terrain there? Seems like something is drawing a little wrong.

Those shadows look superb!

Where the hell did you get that female sprite?!

Keep it up.

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The shadows in the second picture make the building seem as if its floating (well, the comparison between the shadows of the building and those of Ivy). Not that there's anything wrong with floating buildings, I'm just making the observation ;)

As a completely unrelated side-note, I'm very pleased with the way Ivy is turning out. [grin]

EDIT: Illustration of the observation -

EDIT2: Actually, same deal with the first building's shadow, though that one looks like the X-Z axis is reversed rather than it floating on the terrain. I dunno, just seems like there's a light source inconsistancy or something...

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I dont know how many times ive told him to atleast do a reflection on the tree to have 2 different trees. Or even change the angle of the top of the tree, but he wont listen!

PS the bark is very....red

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@ visage - Looks like it should, that is if culling is on.
@ fallen god - He'll probably get around to it, these are just his placeholder graphics I believe.

Looking great Raymond, keep up the great work!

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I dunno, I don't really mind that all the trees are the same. I guess palm trees always look the same to me anyway, so its natural that that would be reflected in the game.

But yeah, given the awesome artwork of MW I'm sure that it'll look great for the final version of the artwork :)

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I dont think those are "place holders" but yes im sure he will improve them. I just like pestering him :D

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