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SVN, Baby!

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Rob Loach


The iPod is quite a fun toy, although I hate the fact that you're forced to use iTunes. I've subscribed to the Diggnation Video PodCast where the majority of the episodes are just about drinking beer and talking about stupid tech stuff off of


Now that SourceForge has SVN access, I've switched OdeDotNet to SVN management as opposed to CVS. It's a very nice service those nice guys over at SourceForge have going. SDL.NET has also made the switch.

I've decided that "Gsl" is the code-name for this engine as a Google Search for Gsl results in about 1,820,000 items. So for now it's known as "The Project Code-Named Gsl", or just Gsl for short.

The map loading through Tile Studio is now stable. I'm working on the sequence data though. I still need some kind of font display system for Tao.OpenGl though. I might just have to make a P/Invoke library for FreeType, we'll see.

Random Interest

For anyone who needs one.
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there is a nice plugin for winamp to use your ipod

since version 5.2 winamp has support for ipod itself (didn't test this myself)

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