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Things go on

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Milestone Three has just passed. We made excellent progress and hit 80% success on the checkpoints, which is great. It means we now have something which passes for a multi user world. People can log on, walk around, chat to each other and log out again. Thrilling stuff! Milestone Four will build on this foundation to introduce the first semblance of gameplay: customizable character models and accounts. I'm short of time so I wont do any focused analysis on progress, you'll have to forgive me because I think this entry will skip around a bit.

I'm now trying to speed up the creation of concept art. Right from square one, I have been determined to encourage the most talented people to join the team, and to give those people the support they need to do their best work. A flick through the CV's and portfolios of our lead developers is a real adventure. The cost of this strategy of setting the bar so high, is that finding more people of the same skill has become really tricky! On the bright side, as screen shots and previews become more impressive, proving the progression and quality of the project does become easier.

Without intending I've begun to segregate the team, I don't know if this is a good or bad move, but it feels quite natural. At the start I was adamant that an official member hierarchy wasn't needed, It was clear who was boss (Me and Alan) and there wasn't any need to 'pull rank' at discussions. But as the team has grown, I've naturally begun to rely on the longer term (read three/four month) members to steer newer members. I'm aware that some people can be turned off by having to deal with team politics, so I keep an eye out. Hopefully nothing too terrible will happen!

We are now just a Fax away from dedicated 1u blade in a backbone data center. Toggles, the lead server dev has mentioned that this may be a little premature, but I'm getting serious urges. The deal seems excellent considering the amount of free, and very low cost support available and the box isn't too shoddy either. We don't have any hosting issues at the moment, but I want to offer you guys and other development communities an iterative build/test cycle so we can get some quality input. I want a platform where the connection speed is a constant, non-issue.

Here's a few nice screens: first, the ranger you saw last time, but in multicolor glory. Second, a look at a medium detail Tearsol capital city concept. Third, a few of the dev team wondering around in the world.

If you would like to see more pics (and a movie and audio track montage) visit my new help wanted post! Thanks for reading!
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Thanks, we are aiming for a bright and clean visual style. The trick will be to make our building editor powerfull enough to deliver these kinds of buildings in the tiny file sizes we are shooting for. There will be a quantity of interpolation and procedural maths required on the client.

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