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Starting the comeback

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Sunday, Feb 26

Well I finally logged some more hours today working on GC. I spent a little time on it Thurs too but didn't really accomplish much. I never get any work done on Friday nights (come on, it's Friday night!) and Sat I was skiing all day for the first time this entire season. My Dad got me a 3-use discount card to Mt. Creek, where we always go. I doubt I'll be able to use it again [sad] Hopefully it will carry over to next year, or hopefully I'll find another free weekend before the mountain closes.

So since I took a few steps backwards, I'm still playing catch-up. But I managed to get Imperialism back to snuff, as well as Blitzkreig mode, and pretty much all the bugs I fixed as well. All in all I think the re-additions so far came out better than the originals. I still have to re-implement the special system density selection, the missing map detection/handling, and exposing the image map creation through the DB. I also want to add an in-game DB editor. I was originally going to have it function via console commands but with T2D's GUI editor on hand I might as well make it more user-friendly than that.

Still have a month left until GDC so I'm not worried about getting the AI implemented in time. Hopefully tomorrow or Tues I can finish up what I outlined above so I can start March off fresh. 'Course Mon and Tues are not among my most productive sooo... we'll see.

But that's all for now... I think it's about time I started catching up on my SG-1/Atlantis/Battlestar episodes. I'm already more than half a season behind!! Ack!

Oh yea, and I also backed-up my code to the BES server, which I will do after every coding session. Not making that mistake ever again, but better safe than sorry...
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Have you by any chance found some good resources on AI for a game like GC? I tried to find some good articles on turn-based strategy AI, but I suck at the google.

But that's all for now... I think it's about time I started catching up on my SG-1/Atlantis/Battlestar episodes. I'm already more than half a season behind!!

Those damn shows suck 3 hours a week out of my life as well, glad to see I'm not the only one[grin]

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Nope, haven't started looking yet. I have some rough ideas but that's all right now. I'm probably going to have to experiment a lot - but don't worry I'll be making notes here for sure [smile]

And yea... I watched 4 SG-1 and 1 Atlantis episodes last nite from like 1-5 [lol] Watched another before work today, going to watch one more as I eat dinner tonight, implement special system density in GC, do the newsletter and then catch up on Battlestar. Damn it's rough [wink]

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