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I've been trying to do a clone of Biplanes (Dogfight, Bips, etc) for years. I get so far, have fancy graphics and all that... then get stuck. I've got versions in C++ using Dx7 through to Java and C++ v9 things.

Then before Christmas I decided to do a different approach. You see, I'm pretty damn good programmer - but day to day I don't have to do much math. Library and learning centre stuff doesn't really need much of it.

However what I'm trying to do does. Even though it's not realistic physics I'm going for... but fun physics... it's still proving challenging.

Over the weekend I resorted to getting batteries for my long neglected Texas Ti83, buying some graph paper and other bits and bobs. And went back to math. Anything I didn't understand or was rusty on, I went back further and further. Man am I rusty.

But I think you know, there could be a saying "the pen is mighter then the keyboard". Sometimes it's useful just leaving it alone and figuring things out that way. I was over confident in my math, now I'm going through everything I thought I knew and making sure I've got it right. It's caused me to think of the problem domain differently.

What the biggest thing that is holding me up though is the lack of people to bounce ideas off of. Yeah #gamedev is great and all, but everyone is plenty busy with their own stuff, and it takes ages to convey what I want to say in just writing that could be done on a back of a beer placemat in a pub in 5 seconds.

Been helpful talking to a friend I've made over the net at Digipen too. And knowing that I'm not stupid, that what I'm doing is learning something new and I shouldn't be hard on myself - just getting on with it.

It's a bit uneasy for me, I'm used to know just about everything I ever need to know (or at least how to go about it and understand it) when it comes to code. Math... well... I've not used it for a while so I guess it's lost some of it's meaning to me.

But slowly I'm getting to know Math again...
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First of all, good luck with your endevours. It's always hard to come back to stuff like that.

Second, there are 'chat programs' in which you can doodle with someone on the same canvas. OpenCanvas is one I've heard of (though never used). That might be useful next time you need some help of the internet ;)

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