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A Tale of Two Comics

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After spending a few more hours working on comic strip ideas, I'm starting to get a very good feeling about this. I've got the two main characters fairly fleshed out, and a whole bunch of ideas for plot arcs penciled down (the ideas don't stop coming! Wow!).

The more I think about this, the more I think I should try and attempt a professional job with this comic (well, as professional as I can). This will probably take several months so I can learn something about comics and web publishing in general, finalise the art concepts, plan a website and build up a starting buffer of comic strips. Even if the comic bombs, it's a great way to get practice at the management skills required for running an indie game business.

However since I need some feedback, I might start another comic here in my gamedev webspace, loosely about video games (although this isn't a hard rule [grin]) and updated whenever I get the time. This one is for practice, so I don't mind if it's a bit poor quality to begin with. I'll plan to get the first one up some time this week.

How does the title "The Curse of the Polygon" sound for a series of unrelated comic strips? (BTW, this isn't a rhetorical question [grin]. I'm not that good at judging names for things).
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"Curse of the Polygon" is a genuinely awful name.

I tried to find a level of subtlety that would rescue it, but there is none.

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