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New website revisited

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Ok, so I've decided to revisit the issue of redisigning the Sphere Games website... so far it's going OK... although today I did a lot of research into ready-made CMS packages and couldn't find any that I liked enough, and the one I liked the most, had pretty good modules that would've been great if they actually worked. So, I'm kind of back to the original idea of writing my own CMS, which is not something I enjoy terribly, and I rather be programming other, more interesting things, but I don't seem to have much choice.

I don't want an overly complex CMS, I just want to be able to upload news, tutorials, files and have an image gallery. So my plan is going to be to take it one thing at a time, so that eventually it all comes together... I had thought of making capable of supporting templates, but I'm not so sure I want to do something too complex... I would really like the ability to toggle themes, so that users can select what they like... but I'm not even sure where to start to write a system like that...

Anyway, I've recruited my web designer friend to come over and give me a hand with a couple of problems I'm having tonight, hopefully I'll have at least the basic layout working well by tonight.
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