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And Monday means, job hunting day. Not that other days aren't job hunting day too, but the Monday after writing checks for bills are usually pretty heavy on the job hunt.

Two leading candidates. One is being a SysAdmin for an engineering group; handling licensing and their source repository. The other is entry level QA work. Decidedly entry level; more entry level than the work I did when I was entry level! No automation, not even test case design. Take someone else's test cases and run through them. Surefire lobotomy or workplace gunfire at $30/hr.

Pff. That's even assuming the HR drone discounts me from such trained monkey work (despite 3 years experience doing formal QA work), because I didn't finish my degree.

Need I mention that it's absurd how people 4 credits away from a Stanford degree (no, I'm 35 credits from a Clarkson [yes, it's not Stanford, but it's not yer state college either] degree) are given less credit by HR people than ITT graduates?

In other news, I did more work on Moe yesterday after the anonymous delegate posting. The game boots up through the test effects, and presents a nice little text menu (which currently does nothing more than echo stuff to the console when clicked). I'm not sure if it's C# or simply doing it for the 2nd (3rd?) time, but getting that much progress used to take a week or two; not a day.

But now, time for some waffles.
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No, no, definately waffles. Though I'm saddened to learn from my wife that said pancaeks rabbit is dead now. He is apparently famous, and I have been living under an internet rock.

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