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My first Entry

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Hi! This is my first journal entry. Ive been dieing to get a journal for sooo long. Finally I got one! Ive been a member for a while but im sure hardly anyone knows me.

Im a sophomore in high school and have been programming for a few years now. I usually use C,C++, or C#. The two kind of projects I usually work on are either games or compilers/interpreters for my own programming languages. But latly ive started to get more and more into gamedev so I thought this journal might help keep me motivated. Ill post some things about my game/engine, which I have a working prototype for the engine, but im rewriting it and switching from OpenGL to DirectX. Lets see how it goes, Ill make sure to post again tomorow!

Later ;)
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Welcome! [smile]

But I must ask you why your avatar is a picture of a german WWII army medal and that your journal name is "Fallen God"

I don't like it.

I'm not saying you're a nazi, I'm just telling you that it's quite offensive and people might get fuzzed up about it.

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I just realized yesturday my name might be offensive but I dont mean it in that manner and Ive been thinking about asking a mod if I could change my username, though I dont know if their db would allow it without making a new acc. For now I will keep it and no im not a nazi. Far from it ;)

BTW I looked up the medal, its not the same...similar, but not the same. Sorry for the confusion and I hope this doesnt upset anyone else.

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BTW, someone just informed me that "iron crosses" have been around long, long before Hitler and WWII. Plus, as I said, its not even exactly the same as the medal. And yes I know my name could be offensive, but I believe many many games have talked about gods leaving the world and such, never heard anyone say its offensive.

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Then I give you rating ++ for clearing that up [smile].

Just wanted to make sure, sorry if I offended you in any way [smile].

Oh, and welcome to the forums!

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I was actually afraid it would offend someone so I have changed my avatar and have asked to have my username changed.

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