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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I don't have much time to talk, but I wanted to post a screenshot, and get your opinions on something.

MiniMap and Action Menu
As you may have noticed, I finally implemented a minimap, and threw it at the top of the screen with no border (Mark will fix it later[grin]). The minimap was a bitch, but it works now, and you can instantly look anywhere on the map. It also shows you the locations of enemy and friendly ships in your sensor range.

The other thing is the Action Menu in the bottom left corner. It pretty much allows you to use a ship's special abilities (ie. a carrier launching a fighter, or a destroyer dropping a sensor beacon). This is what I was going to ask you guys about. Would you guys rather be able to right click on a unit and select the abilities from a popup menu, or be able to click the right action on the Action Menu?

Anyways, heres the screen:

Well, let us know what you guys think, and I'll talk to you guys later.
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I would certainly like "smart" popup menus. Meaning that even though you move your mouse waaay out of the menu itself, the menu selections are still active.

Nice project you have here [smile]

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Click the unit for a context menu. In an interface, always keep an "object" and the actions you can "do" to that object as physically close together as possible.

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Thanks for the input, I've got both systems working, but we were wondering what you guys wanted, and it looks like a pop-up menu is the way to go.

@Samsonite - Thank you kind sir!

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