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*cough cough* Penny for the sick? *cough*

I've come down with some really nasty bug (basically influenza) - was completely out Sunday and Monday. And by 'completely out' I mean I literally could not get out of bed. I'm still feeling pretty shitty. *cough*

No one else in my flat has caught it yet, but I shared a bottle of wine last Saturday with the girl mentioned in this post. She started showing symptoms yesterday. *cough*

So now I feel really bad (and sick, *cough*) because I knew I had something over the weekend, arrgh. I hate spreading disease :(
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Shit, speaking of TA I was supposed to auction that cookie last night. I guess I'll just have to hold onto it for a couple more days (or attempt to destroy it kekeke).

And yes, there are (secret) ways to destroy items in TA.

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