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Feeling better

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Well, I was getting worried there for a little while. I was having doubts that I was going to be able to do this since practically everything that I have programmed was done using code that I had seen before. My engine is all code that is pretty much general and stuff you could find in any book. My tile based examples were all easy as pie (its kind of hard to screw up rectangular tiles once you get the basics down). And any 3D stuff I've done has been pretty much copied and pasted. But, my fringing code is all mine :D. Its not something thats real hard (code wise), but I figured it out by myself and coded it by myself. So, this little adventure (even though it had me totally pissed off) has given me back some confidence.

In other news I have a really good demo idea. Its going to be comedial, of course. As long as I can get the event system to work right, I should have it done by monday. Its going to consist of a single map, a house, 2 playable charaters, and a mouthy old man.

Actually, I take that back, I'm not getting my drawing pad until friday/saturday, so it might be tuesday or wednesday before I get it done, who knows.
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