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It's not a moving white square, it's IP!

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Sorry to the folks in #gamedev. Looks like my "better than theirs" PongClock Screensaver freebie is gonna have to be revised a bit. . .


While it appears that the main bone of contention seems to be with the name "Pong", and there's precious little look-n-feel that can be protected with Pong, given the legions of hardware and software pong-clones that were created unfettered over the past 30 years, Atari does have (slightly) deeper pockets than I do, so I'm gonna pre-emptively de-couple the game from Atari's alleged Pong IP.

Rick gave me a couple of good ideas, mainly dealing with keeping the game but updating it with bulldozers and/or duckies.

So stay tuned. I don't wanna release the freebies until the shareware is ready. And I don't wanna release the shareware until the daily puzzles are done. And I don't know if I wanna release four or six daily puzzles. And even if I only release four, I only have three done. And. . .I'm still waiting for the Phantom Game Console to be released.

And I'm a big flake. So there.
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I already have a version of this Pong Clock installed under Apple Dashboard. Let's see pretend-Atari come after me now. [grin]

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