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Second Post!!!

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So this is my second post! Since I probaly wont beable to post a pic of a demo of my engine till this weekend, or get started on rewriting it really, I guess I will post some stuff other than that until then.

Heres some info on a language I wrote a while ago, it takes a lot from C and uses Lisp's Lists. Heres a hello world and list example:

//Hello world:
main =
print ("Hello, World!")

// Example of a list:
exampleOfAList =
list1 = (5,3,'a',"hello")
list2 = (main@, list1, 5) //An example of everything is data..
} //see the main in list2? Thats a function we defined above but everything is data!

Everything is treated as data in this language. Variables, functions, code, are all the same. All functions take 1 parameter, a list. There are also no types and in the interpreter I wrote for this language, I also used a bignum datatype lib I wrote. (if you dont know, bignums are virtual variables that allow for virtually any size, limited by your memory not by the processor's built in sizes).

Let me know if you want to see more about this language or more about my other languages. Tomorow I will probaly post about my raytracing optimization idea that I had, though I havnt implemented it. Doubt I will, I dont know that much about ray tracers but I want to see what you guys think about it.
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It a programming language actually, its just interpreted. (im guessing thats why you called it a scripting language?)

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How do you develop these languages? Is it hard? Is it time consuming?

Seems like a nice thing to do [smile].

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Its pretty time consuming yea and it can get hard if you want to make a complex language or want a compiler that outputs really optimized code. I might post the source to one of my compilers I made.

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