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It's offical.. I've been properly ill, infact I only went into college for an hour tuesday before deciding I couldnt hack if and coming home. However, at least I tried.

Apon reflection it looks like I've infact had tonsilitis the last few days, must be a mild form of it because while it's been distracting and slightly annoying I've not had the problems I'd always thought I'd have with lots of pain and stuff.

This ofcourse means that my urge to code/design has been non-existant the past few days, mostly while I try and get over the idea that trying to swollow parts of my own throat would be a good idea (nowt more distracting than coughing and having you Uvula sit on the back of your tongue... gah..).

However, its showing signs of clearing now (ie its being less annoying), so this means that I might well stay in college tomorrow afternoon and as we only have a pointless Java leason I might take my other notepad with me and try and design this damned memory manager for the textures etc instead of doing the pointless work [grin]
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