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Problems with fringing again :(

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Well, not actually a problem with fringing, but a problem with the way that I'm doing them. I'm using multitexturing so that I can make 1 transition texture and use it for any terrain. Problem is, I don't know a good method for figuring out which base tile to use. Actually, I don't think that will really matter, since even if I had the greatest algorithm in the world, it would be able to change the base texture for every possible or even 4 possible neighbors. So, I'm thinking of splitting the tile into zones (once again) but this time to figure out what base to use. Then, I could render 4 bases. Only problem is I'm just getting into multitexturing, so I can't really figure this out. The first 4 sets of texture coordinates would use the base texture, which is in stage 0, and the 5 set of texture coordinates would use the alpha texture, which is in stage 1. So, do I need to set the base texture to stage 0, 1, 2, and 3? I'm going to be up for another 3 hours, so I should be able to figure it out. After I figure out this little problem, I swear that I'll post a demo of what I have so far. But, it will require shader version 1.1, since I couldn't get multitexturing to work in the FFP, I had to use shaders.

Edit: Yea, I just remembered that I couldn't do the 5 texture solution, because I want to keep the requirements down (I really didn't want to use shaders, but the FFP wouldn't work at all).
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