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The business mind

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One of my friends is doing intern work at United Way here in NJ, and every day I hear more horror stories about the utter incompetence of its employees. Apparently, they're launching some program called the Non Profit Development Center (NPDC). They have a bunch of PR types, a graphic designer, and writing arts interns helping them with this project.

Basically, the entire situation sounds exactly like the US version of The Office, minus the overtly rude boss. They spent a few days in some sort of watercooler thinktank trying to create a catchy slogan for the program. Mootz (my friend) comes back today and tells me what the higher-ups decided on.

We Do Good, Better

*shudder* This.. is the best they could come up with. The other alternatives suggested by these esteemed PR guys were things like "Expanding capacity for people without capacity".

Meanwhile, he tells me the graphic designer basically ripped off of the British Petrol logo. I really can't wait to see this whole calamity finalized.
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I always wondered where the morons in my social science options went off to.

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