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Well, that was unexpected.

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So, I get an email in my resume box this morning about a contract job up in Fargo. Fargo! It's not so bad, maybe a 4 hour drive; but far more than a commute, and I certainly don't want to move to Fargo. So in the spirit of the hockey trade deadline , I reply back "sure, I'd be interested if it'd be worth my while".

Now, when does that ever work? Right. Never.

I get a reply back asking what would make me go and work in Fargo. Absurd! I think about it, and decide that the common approach would be to work the week, and drive home on the weekends to be with the wife and dog. Okay. Ask for company to cover a temporary place, and healthy pay. Very healthy.

I mean, I'd work in Fargo for 6 figures above and beyond them paying for my housing expenses there, who wouldn't? Most likely, this counter will be met with deafening silence, if not a rude email asking me never to think about dealing with their firm again.

So what happens? That's right, they counter with 6 figures above and beyond them paying for all local and travel expenses during my contract.

Those times in your life when you are left totally and hopelessly speechless are rare...

Now we'll see if the actual interview goes through well. More to come.

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Expect something bad to happen :/

(sorry, I'm an incurable pessimist at heart)

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You're a good storyteller. That made me laugh [smile].

Or maybe I have the worst form of humour ever to touch the elegance of the sound waves...

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