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Seeing Double

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So I saw the Seeing Double contest and im thinking about grabbing SDL and making a game for the contest. I have an OK idea, nothing great, but im gonna try it. Doubt it will win but it will give me the motivation to get something done. It might postpone me working on the engine a bit though

So I told you guys I would let my idea about my raytracing optimization out of the bag so here it is in all its glory...(quite simple):
This would work better if it was an API you could use with like C++ and had a scene graph. You passed it all the objects to be drawn and since it knows where everything is, it only traces rays to THOSE objects and NO where else. No rays going to oblivion and wasting time. Since it knows where the objects are, why not just send rays to them and only them? This may already be done, im not sure. Dont know how well this would work so comment on it please.

Ive got a lot of homework so I doubt I can work on the game much tonight, I might beable to get a little done. Ill probaly post again Friday, maybe tomorow if I get the game to the point where I want to take a pic of it. Within this month I would really like to get a demo of my engine out and start showing some stuff about my real game, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Your ray-tracing idea is not that bad, but remember that most ray-tacing scenes are filling the screen. You don't want black areas instead of this nifty blue sky you've just setup, right ? :) Moreover, the kind of scene you describe is very rare - most scenes completely covers the screen (and since you cast N rays by pixel, your optimization will not be used at all).

Now, most ray-tracer are using heavy optimizations to quickly handle rays that won't hit anything (for example an octree).


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