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Where I'm going wrong

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Trapper Zoid


It seems I must have gone a little bit crazy over the last week or so. I remember being full of energy, with creative ideas for stories, comics and games just pouring into my mind. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm seems to have eventually burned me out, and now I'm feeling listless, tired, creatively spent and slightly ill. Now I can't remember most of all those wonderful things zipping through my brain. Dagnabit!

While I wait for my creative energy to return, I guess I'll be working a bit on more mundane stuff over the next few days. Thankfully I managed to sketch down several pages of pictures and ideas from the last few days, so not all the concepts were lost (although reading through some of these, it might have been better if they were).

The chief idea was the realisation of where I'm going wrong with my game designs. The problem with "Project Jack" stems from my desire to create the "perfect" interactive storytelling game, something that would take decades to do (or possibly forever; the "perfect" game being impossible to even exist). Even if I try to scale it down, the temptation to blow it up into something bigger is too great.

The problem is not so much with the game idea as my goal. Game ideas are easy to come up with; I've got a back catalog of hundreds of zany ideas; the real trick is coming up with one that's both achievable to implement and fun for other people to play. What I need to work on right now is not so much a game design plan, but some sort of business plan; a plan of how I can apply my skills into developing fun games.

I don't think it will take more than a week to figure out the start of a good plan; I've already got a good timeline of what needs to be done. I'm fairly sure the first stage will involve more comic art and the development of fun little mini-games similar to "Pierre and the Fish", so I guess that's something to look forward to! I guess I should also stick some sort of plan into the header of this journal, to make it look all professional-like too.
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ugh. you and I need to have a little talk, I think. =)

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Oh no! What have I done this time? [grin]

Actually I was going to start posting a few questions in the Business forum in a while, and maybe send a few PMs to the more "business" oriented journal posters (such as yourself), but my prototype plan is a little bit... "unorthodox" [grin]. I've got to put in a bit of ground-work myself first before I can start asking intelligent questions.

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Yes, but when are you actually going to start working on implementing one of these ideas, hrm? You started off well last year experimenting with various things, brushing up on skills and then producing Pierre and the Fish for the contest, but so far this year you've most just changed plans a lot and done a lot of brainstorming and various concept art.

Pick an idea, and actually get to work already! [wink]

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Heh, that's pretty much the whole point of this plan. I've realised that I keep blowing every single idea way out of proportion until it becomes too big to handle. So I'm going to force myself to stay small by giving myself a short deadline. It's pretty close to the plan I had in January, except now I'm getting a better idea of how to approach it.

I'm pretty certain that this is a winner of a plan (or at least as good as I'm going to get), so I'm planning on sticking to it.

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very well, you do that, but i've got my eye on you.

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