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Text + Scripting

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Rob Loach


Gsl now has text output. After having difficulties getting OpenGL lists to work in C#, I just rolled my own system which just manually loops goes through each character. Not really the best way to do thing, but it does mean that I can do neat things like line breaks, etc.

Click to enlarge

What you see above is a scripting dog flying around the screen along with some glasses I manually typed into the scripting interpreter. Here's what I typed in the screen:
glasses = Sprite('glasses.png')
Core.Draw += glasses.Draw
glasses.X = 100f
glasses.Y = 100f
glasses.Rotation = 10f
As you can see, this is quite a powerful system. You can make objects dynamically during runtime and manipulate events quite easily.

Random Interest

Bill and Napoleon
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Recommended Comments

Wow, I must say that's pretty sexy.

Question - does the text cursor blink? (I've still got to re-write all of my text-drawing functions for the Seeing Double contest, and am not looking forward to it... It'll get done though. Eventually.)

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Very nice. Is there a way to make the objects interactive or execute scripts of there own?

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They showed that Napolean Dynamite sketch at the MVP GS as well. Not having seen the film it was mostly lost on me [headshake]


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