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No battling superheroes this summer

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So I got a call tonight from a friend of mine - the friend actually who got me the job at Six Flags in the first place. He calls me up cause he ran into our lead pyro technician and set director Mooch. Mooch was wearing one of the Batman fleeces and my buddy J struck up a conversation with him and I was mentioned and J didn't beleive Mooch knew me so he called me up.

Long story short I got to talk to Mooch - which was good cause I haven't spoken to him since the end of the season last year. Seems he's heading back onto the road - traveling with the Rolling Stones doing pyro for their show and whatnot. But I digress.

The sweet and skinny of it all is that I finally got confirmation that there is no Catfight this year. I'd heard a rumor last week that the show may be toast but now I know for sure. Six Flags got sold last year, and the new management basically wants to head in a different direction... or something like that. I think if they would have put on the show it would have been a half-assed deal budget wise, which makes me glad they decided not to. Now supposedly they're saying they want to start a Batman Begins show like the one in LA the year after. I'd honestly rate the chance of that happening as 1 out of 5, but it certainly would be cool.

So where does that leave me? Well certainly not high and dry fortunately. I doubt I'll be working at the park at all now - I don't think there's anything they could offer me that would pay better than coaching, tho I could be surprised. Plus I have a friend willing to get me a job with Grucci doing fireworks, and Mooch has contacts in that field too that could land me some pyro work. And then of course there's always the unexpected that could turn up. Hell certainly happened that way two years ago.

I'll still miss the show though. There's nothing quite like giving a performance like that in front of a live audience. It'd be cool to do movies and stuff but being live is so much different from "cut! okay let's try that again!". There's no "cut!" in live performances, there's "holy shit! The bike stalled! Quick! Kick me in the head!!"

Yup.... gunna miss it...
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Well, that sucks. I'm sure you'll find something cool to do though, full time pyro sounds pretty awesome [grin].

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Oh, bummer. I was so looking forward to this. It leaves a bat-sized hole in my heart. Hope you find some other performance work, you ham :)

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This is really the coolest side job a GDNet member has had (except for the short stint Michalson had as a Hindu mercenary in the jungles of Borneo).

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