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Every so often, MSVC# express does odd things. Like occasionally when I click "build", instead of compiling my code, it decides to hard-restart my computer. That's right, dumps me right back to BIOS and bootup. Granted, my computer is getting up there in the years, and this windows install is on its third hard-drive (via registry merging black magic). Perhaps not so much blame should be put on MSVC#...

But more importantly, I was actually using it. Work done today so far:

- Integrate Moe server and client code. The client can now click a menu item, and it will spawn a server thread, connect a standard player connection, connect an admin connection, and begin dumping admin messages to the d3d console.

- Add code to allow the static quake-style console to act as a logging target. It works with the other decorator pattern logging stuff I have, so strings, time, memory consumption, and the such can be pre-pended to the output via decoration.

- Hack an icky solution to a nasty sound bug. The introduction of the server side code put enough strain on the setup that the GC was a bit quicker about Collecting sound objects. Unfortunately, this means that the sound's OnEnd delegate was being Collected, since its only reference was in FMOD's unmanaged code. FMOD then tried to call the Collected delegate, and things blew up. The solution involved adding the event to a static un-triggerable event on creation and removing on trigger. Icky.
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About your MSVC# problem: this kind of behavior often means that you have a RAM problem. I'd be you, I'd try to find a program that will be able to check the whole RAM of your computer.


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