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"Gullstikka" Norwegian game awards 2005

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"Gullstikka" is an annual norwegian awards ceremony for games. Directly translated it means "The golden joystick". It's a place where industry tops here in norway come together and drink beer[grin]. I watched it via VG NET and I must say it was the most boring thing EV4R!!11 With no good humour(except for a few jokes here and there), and a dull background music wich looped again and again and again and again and again. No variation.

So, I ought to tell you some of the awards that was handed out:

Peoples Prize - World Of Warcraft
2005's best adventure game - Fahrenheit
2005's evilest game character - Ragnaros(World Of Warcraft)
2005's best strategy game - Civilization 4
2005's best online/multiplayer game - World Of Warcraft
2005's hero/heroine - King Kong
2005's girl game - Buzz
2005's best handheld game - Mario Cart: DS
2005's best console game - Resident Evil 4
2005's best action game - Resident Evil 4
2005's best RPG - World Of Warcraft
2005's best sports game - SSX: On Tour
2005's best kids game - Sly 3
2005's best platform game - Sly 3
2005's best racing game - Project Gotham Racing 3
2005's most scary game - F.E.A.R
2005's best design< - Buzz
2005's funniest game - Buzz
Open class - Buzz
2005's best game moment - Molten Core w/guild.(World of Warcraft)

Phew. Thats it. Some are more obvious than others. And I missed a few awards because I had to remove some(!) snow from the parking lot outside our house.

Comments? What did you like, what did you dislike?
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