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Konquer your CSS bugs!1

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OK, so I've been experimenting with CSS and PHP, and so far so good.

I just managed to get my custom font class to work with IE7.

Basically, I had a set of custom tags before:

mytext.standard { //blah blah; }

mytext.standout { //blah blah; }

Except IE didn't like that. At all. My white text, with IP number highlighted in bold, using Tahoma, came out all in black Times New. Apparently it doesn't like custom CSS tags without some bizarre hacking and weird namespace definitions, which will probably break Firefox support as well (by Sod's Law/my luck, at least).

So, I came up with a brainwave. Why not use the standard HTML tag, but make a class out of it? Yay! So now it works in IE7, haven't tried 6 yet.

However, the same problem observed in IE is still observed in Konqueror. Bollocks to Konqueror. I'm hacking no further, I'll just write a PHP script telling Konqueror users to get a decent browser. Of course, if they use that crappy identity changer function and make my server think it's something else other than the K, then it's their problem if half my content won't display properly.

The reason I dislike Konqueror is two-fold: firstly, because of its blatant, almost arrogant ignorance of the standards. Secondly, it's horribly inflexible (who needs a spell checker and identity spoofer if it can't even handle online multimedia properly?), and is both clumsy and slow to use. It tries to be IE, but fails miserably - although I'm a KDE user, I surf the net using ye goode olde Firefox for Linux. I might even install GNOME so I don't have to use Konqueror at all, including file browsing.

I think Konqueror is shite, basically. I'm thinking about grabbing Opera, seeing what it's like.

Comments welcome [smile].
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I've always just used this:

// CSS

// stuff

<span class="someclass">Text!</span>

Works with IE as far back as 5.5, with Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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