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Bug of doom

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Came across a rather interesting bug yesterday. Not a "oh, that looks funny" bug, but rather a "oh, my program just crashed" bug.

I thought right away that it must have to do with the new BombBot explosions. I was right. It took me a few tries to spot the error though.

I had to look for any clues I could find in the game's behavior. I eventually caught a break, when after blowing up a BombBot, I observed that it also destroyed the remains of a dead RobotGuard. Basically, BombBot explosions were capable of rekilling enemies. So, I quickly fixed it.

I've played through the game twice since, and the bug hasn't occured again, so I'll assume I got it. Just to be safe, I'm going to test it some more before moving on.

I would really like to get back to level design and creating new enemies now. I've got some great ideas for level 3, especially the boss, that I want to try out.

I might release a new demo this weekend.
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I'm looking forward to the demo, keep uo the good work!

At least your bug was consistent, I'm trying to track down a crash bug somewhere in my Particle Emitter class, but I have no idea what causes it, maybe I just haven't seen the pattern yet.....

EDIT: Found the bastard[grin]

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Good to hear you found it.

Finding bugs seems to be something you get alot better at as you continue programming. I now can spot them quite quickly, even the tricky ones.

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Yeah, I've been having some trouble with accidently deleting already deleted pointers, I've coded stuff that tried that around 10 times in the past 2 days[grin]

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