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I'm seriously out of creative subject titles.

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TINS 2006

Eeee! Just 7.5 hours to go until TINS starts. Then the 72-hour clock begins! Let's run over the checklist again:

Game Shell code (Allegro init, main loop, etc) -> Check!
Fiendish plans to skip 2 hours sleep all 3 days -> Check!
Refridgerator full of refreshments -> Check!
Potato chips -> Oops. Still need to grab those.
Phone unplugged -> Check!
MSN shortcuts removed -> Check!
Filled out checklist -> Check!

Things are looking pretty solid. :)

Cannon 'Game'!

Today I was charged with the honourable duty of writing a small 'game' for my CS class to show them some simple trig/physics and double buffering. It's nothing fancy, but hopefully they'll find it informative. It's written in Java, and I'd like the opinions of any resident pros on how decent my code is. ;)

The JAR'd Game
The sourecode for doublebufferd and non

(Grade 11 level, BTW)

Fame and Fortune for Magma Duel!

Cool! Looks like Magma Duel got a bit of coverage outside of GD.NET: DemoNews.com entry. Makes me want to finish that online play or something. ;)
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Need any help for the game? Remember our roots. Me with all the pset and such. :P The java demo is neat. Better than what we used to get as demos. Thats awesome for Magma Duel. If you'd like anything for a new version you know how to get hold of me. :D Can't wait to play your Contest Entry. :D

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Good luck on the contest!

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Holy crap, you're doing that kind of stuff in Grade 11?

Even in my college course I'd be lucky to find anyone that knows what "double buffering" is. It's really sad.

Edit: Actually I should clarify that I'm not surprised "you're" doing that, I'm surprised your teacher and classmates understand it.

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Although this is nowhere near the norm yet, as a whole, CS curriculum in high schools is getting better, and more are offering a "real" programming course rather than a service computing course that teaches you a language rather than teaching you programming concepts you'll see over and over again.

Although this is truly the exception, my high school went above and beyond the norm by offering more than just an AP Computer Science Exam. Every semester, the teacher would select a topic like Computer Graphics, AI, Compiler Design, Computer Organization (Assembly, Circuit Design, etc.), Algorithms, etc. and teach that course at the college level but still in a friendly high school setting. For a high school, I found that to be a very unique and rewarding experience, and I hope that that may spur on other more CS-friendly schools to do the same.

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