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Looks good to me. All of the chain explosions (bomb-bots) appear to work well, and no problems with the lives system. I did have one weird thing happen with the tiles. The first level's ground is that gray/black tile. After I beat the 2 levels and it reloaded the first level, the ground was made up of the crate tile.

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On my crappy graphics card, the backgrounds of the sprites show up purple. But it works on every other computer I've tried it on.

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Yeah, it seems the transparency gets screwed up on some computers. I've gotta look up a way to fix it, because I'm quite sure there's got to be a way around that.

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This is a completely uninformed guess, cause I know next to nothing about how gfx cards work, but do you think some cards are just incapable of rendering that particular shade of purple, and that somehow ends up preventing transparency from working properly? (Maybe it internally changes it to a slightly different shade, and then the blit operation doesn't detect the original shade so it doesn't appear transparent.)

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BombBot chain explosions are awesome. Nice work. Picking up the minigun in level 2 was a good rush as well... lots of fun.

And now to be my usual complaining self:

- Snipers shouldn't be placed close together (i.e. in adjacent windows). If two snipers are close, they can set up a field of fire that is impossible to get through without taking damage. You can see this pretty easily just by getting two or three snipers onto the screen and letting them fire for a bit - there's no way through the curtain. Since you can't kill snipers that are high up, this is a "no-win" situation for the player, which is bad. Snipers can be spaced one window apart or on different vertical levels to give Stompy a clear route through the gunfire; IMHO this arrangement should be favored over "you can't get through alive" scenarios.

- You seriously need a boss health bar [grin]

- The level 2 boss moves slightly too fast. If Stompy was about twice as fast, it would be perfect; but as it is, there's no way to react in time. One thing I would do is enforce a delay between bounces on the boss; say at least 1 second on the ground after landing from a jump, before he will rush or jump again. I watched him bound back and forth between the same two points literally for 45 seconds, with no way for me to do any damage. I really like the concept of the boss, he's just not geared right for the pace of the game IMHO.

It's looking great... a few more levels and some minor polish, and you've got a slick little platformer on your hands.

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Thanks for trying the demo!

I'll work on balancing the snipers in the first level, as they can sometimes be cheap to get past.

The second boss is pretty tough. This was actually why I put the minigun in the second level. Origionally, I was going to have it in the third. He still requires a bit of tweaking, though.

Thanks again.

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The game was really fun! I like how the face next at the bottom of the health bar changes as your health goes down. Keep up the good work!

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From the second I started working on this game, I knew that I needed to have Stompy's face like the doomguy's face.

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