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Morning Progress

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- Added client player store and event structure.
- Added code to translate msg format into human friendly IRC-style strings.
- Cleaned namespaces slightly.
- Fiddled with uid slightly to support friendly assignment and constant compares.
- Added static ChatBox to buffer chat.

[edit: Afternoon progress ~2pm CST]
- Added server msg handling cmdsetgroup.
- Bound player messages (newplayer, playerdie, playername) in cmdsetgroup.
- Bound chat messages (msg) in cmdsetgroup.

[edit: Late Afternoon progress ~3:45 CST]
- Caused the ChatDisplay to be shown when the server is connected to. This will be gradually shrunk as more things are added to the Lobby.
- Created code to translate user input to chat messages.
- Bound ChatDisplay inputs (1 breakout for /msg, 1 breakout for /* commands, and 1 fallthrough for arbitrary chat).
- Slightly modified chat handling code to replace double quotes (") with single (').

The ChatDisplay now displays text ala IRC, and supports common chat along with player specific /msg'ing.

Moe Chat Support Complete.
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