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The Anti-Blocky army

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Looks familiar:

I suppose that this requires a bit of explanation.

I thought I should bring back the Anti-Blocky enemies from Blocky Man. I thought it would be funny if I gave them a medieval army that you would have to fight in this level.

Hence why this level is called "BlockyLand", and you are fighting the little blocky guys.

It is actually a perfect combination of the first three blocky man levels into one level.

Enemies that will appear in this level:
Foot soldiers (in the screenshot)
MegaBlock (You'll know when you see it)

As you can probably tell, I've abandoned all continuity (if there ever was any) between the levels, and am now just doing all the concepts I can think of.
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Recommended Comments

Graphical nitpick: The enemies seem to have an extra vertical strip of colour over their beards when facing right that they don't have when they face left.

Any thoughts/plans on implementing a particle engine this time around? I'd imagine it'd really kick things up a notch, graphically. I always find that particles are a wonderful way for us non-artistic folk to get ahead in gamedev. :P

Looking good! :)

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Look closer, then look at the last two blockys, the first two looks to be caused by overlapping blockys.

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Brilliant. Stompy doesn't need continuity anyways... Stompy needs pure awesome head-cracking violence.

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Violence? And here I thought all along that Stompy stood for a voice of peace and compassion; that he strived for a world where all blocks, of all shapes and sizes, could live in harmonious bliss with one another. Have I been a dupe all along?!

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The Blockies facing right are actually overlapping some other Blockies facing left. It seems I had bad timing when taking the screenshot[grin]

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