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A Video!?!!!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I was bored today, so I downloaded FRAPS and decided to make you guys a little video that shows some of the things that are in the game right now(all two of them[grin]). I also found an old microphone I had, so I even narrated it with Windows Movie Maker! The microphone kinda sucks, but its not that bad.

Anyways, the quality is pretty bad, and FRAPS lagged the game down a bit because I haven't implemented Frame-Independent Movement, but I think you'll get the idea....


Let us know what you think!
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My download keeps on cutting out and the file's getting corrupted. Odds are it's my connection, but..dangit! :(

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I just ran a test download, so I think it may be your connection, sorry.

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As an FYI to all y'alls I just posted a thread in Writing for games
Cheek eet owt
Learn about game style writing much fun!

-Mark the Artist

[EDIT]: Video is awesome

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Being a big Turn Based Strategy fan, I'm growing more and more interested in this project. It's good that you made a video, so that we could see the game in motion.

It's looking great, keep it up!

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You're my new favourite person, buddy. That was awesome!

"Look at that smoke. That... That's awesome.... THE END!!!!"

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The missile particle effects, they are .... *breaks into happy tears* :)

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Wow, thanks for all the kind remarks everyone!

Judging by the reaction to the video, I think I'm going to make it a recurring theme in my journal to post one showing off the new features in our game every entry or so.

Thanks again for the comments!

P.S. Sorry Mark, I didn't get home until 12:30....

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Nice work Sapo, your work and experimentation continue to keep your journal in my top 2 most viewed (yes Stompy, yours is the other one)


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Finally got it working. :)

Very awesome job, Sapo. I particularly enjoyed the over-smokey missles and the self-comedic commentary, hehe. The overall feel though is very smooth and (sans the placeholder graphics) professional. I particularly liked the way the text 'wrote itself out' when you hovered the mouse over a ship.

Keep it going!

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