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Ugh, this contest is going both bad and well so far. I'll go over good and bad parts in a chronological manner:

Good: I entered the contest.
Bad: I entered the contest.
Good: I had a great idea that fit all requirements.
Bad: My idea was no good because it was definitely over-ambitious.
Good: Me and Draffurd (the artist-man) came up with an even cooler idea that should be doable by the deadline.
Bad: My initial placeholder-programmer-art wasn't very good motivation. :)
Good: Draffurd went absolutely nuts with art and we have a good portion done already. (Thanks Draff!)

Named the game 'Era Busters'. Basically you go through time via your Time Train and collect codes that will eventually allow you to time travel back to your own time period. The idea is that you have to battle your way through 4 time eras (Stone Age, 1800's, Modern, and Future) to complete the game. Along the way you can lure enemies onto certain tiles that will let you use their traits (weapon, magic, armour, whatever) in later levels. Sounds weird? Good. It'll be cool. ;)

I'm totally toasted on coding for tonight, and the contest is halfway through. I'm definitely not halfway done the game, hehe. Tomorrow night will be very long. Arg.

Anyways, here's a little image of me tossing a spear at an enemy and knocking him back whilst he flashes in white damage-ness.

The map tiles are programmer art, yes. :P)
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