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Visual Haskell

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In the process of investigating OpenGL bindings for Haskell, I came across Visual Haskell, which is an integration of Haskell into Visual Studio .NET 2003. The fact that I could use Haskell with VS.NET (well, I use 2005, but never mind) is interesting, but the fact that they've integrated a third-party language at all is more interesting. There's a paper on the site that claims to describe how it was done; I'm reading it now. It could be a very interesting project to try adding support for something like Lua to VS, or to port the Haskell stuff to 2005.
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I've heard (somewhere around here IIRC) of Python integrated into VS2005. Apparently there's a lot more flexibility in the VS system than it may appear on the surface. I've been thinking about digging into the concept and integrating our team's custom scripting language, if it isn't a ridiculously complex nightmare.

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Seen F#?

Admittedly, I've not used it - but it does sound like a neat little research project.

I like Haskell (who wouldn't love a language who's environment is called "hugs" [grin]) and I've heard ML is related. F# is based on ML.


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