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Morning Progress

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~12:00 CST
- Added code for allowing the client to connect via TCP rather than via my thread socket.
- Added System.Net.IPAddress as a cmdset type.
- Added 'connect' as a console cmd.

In other news, I believe my common response to "I wanna make teh moorpg!" is going to be "Have you taken economics?"...

In recent threads I've found myself helping/arguing about topics I've not actually worked with or studied. Economics and 3D Scene Management respectively; and I always am caught between Shame for pushing something I've really no expertise in and Incredulity that someone actually working on it don't see things that [to me] seem to be quite obvious derivations from basic theory.

Hrm, I imagine my work with basic CS topics garners the same incredulity from the stars around here. I rather enjoy being an adult now. You gain some wonderful perspective on things.

On a different note, the IPAddress typing was actually really easy, and I loved how it showed how nice this cmdset stuff is working:

Add(typeof(System.Net.IPAddress), delegate(string s) {
System.Net.IPAddress rtn;
System.Net.IPAddress[] resolvertn;
if (System.Net.IPAddress.TryParse(s, out rtn)) {
return (rtn);
resolvertn = System.Net.Dns.Resolve(s).AddressList;
if (resolvertn.Length > 0) {
return (resolvertn[0]);
return (null);

Viola! A simple addition to a Type table, and functions added to a set could use an IPAddress as their parameter. The string passed in would be resolved if necissary and sent along to the bound function.

[edit: ick. GameDev could use some better C# syntax highlighting...]
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