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Oh, cool.

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I just won a free copy of Mexican Motor Mafia for participating in their "sob story" contest. Also, the author called me a "true hero" and regaled me with a tale of his friends' run-in with The Man.

Below is a copy of my entry. Enjoy, kids!
So I get the demo of MMM a couple days after it was being pushed around the Internet, and I'm like "Hey! I can drive around and shoot things. Fantastic."

So I started playing it, and I got further and further addicted. Soon, I was racing my overloaded teeny red car across the Mexican sands, blasting vigilantes and evil-doers. But then... I needed the full version. I needed the mods, man.

I started driving my real car places while waving a shotgun out the window, but that only served to annoy The Man, who pursued me all the way into Mexico in a horrific gunfight that left nineteen dead and another four constantly going "Wow". Now I'm trying to live the game for real, but can't seem to find those giant circles on the ground to park on to buy things!

I need a run at the full version of MMM before I start hurting people in this fine country to buy and resell slightly illicit fireworks.

So yeah. [grin] I'll have something more to play. Also, I'm getting back into my Morrowind addiction... which is hurting my chances to finish off my midterms. If I can force myself away from it, I might get trapped working on Glow for a bit more... which is good for you but bad for my GPA.

Oh, I did do some things to Glow. I've rewired the shader to run faster and cleaner, and buttons are now highlighted red when you mouse over them. I seem to remember doing some other crap here and there, but eventually I'm going to wire the UI and everything up properly and get entities in so we can go between levels.

I'll have more once I get the menu system wired properly so you can actually start a new game, and the SHilScript glue installed so we can have orgasmic cinema scenes of zombie mayhem. Glee!
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I can relate to the powers of Morrowind to effectively cut productivity into fractional values. :)

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Oblivion comes out on my birthday this month. I fear I won't be seen for many moons.

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