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Sir Sapo


The Video is Now Up, Download at Will!

Hey everyone!

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who commented nicely on the game after my last post, positive comments are one hell of a morale booster, and you can consider my morale boosted...

Anyways, I decided that as often as possible I will try and supplement my journal entries with little videos I've thrown together throughout the day, I think it's good idea because I often forget to write things down in this journal, but when I'm narrating the game in action, I tend to remember more obscure facts about the progress of the game. In any case, expect more of the videos.

This video is about twice as long as the other one, and documents the stuff I accomplished today. The microphone quality is still bad, as I haven't found a replacement for the crappy one I found yesterday.

Download Todays Video (12.1 MB)

The Coding Front
Today I got alot of stuff done (seeing as I sat at home all day). My crowning achievement today was the Sound Manager I wrote. It pretty much exists in the game as a static "entity" that all of the game's classes inherit, meaning that once the sounds have been loaded into memory, you can make a sound play from anywhere in the code, which is pretty handy. The Manager uses FMod to load and play the samples, meaning that if we ever want to sell this game I've got to pay up, but they have a nice Indie license, so I'm not worried about that. Unfortunately, for some reason, FRAPS had a hard time recording the screen and the sound at the same time, so I had to leave it out of the video. Anyways, other than that all the other stuff was just little touch-ups that aren't really that exciting.

New BattleShip
Mark drew a new Battleship today, so....... here it is

Well, I've got to go, Peace Out!
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Recommended Comments

... Mark's ship drawings are awesome :)

Edit: The video download is finishing at 0kb for me.

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TheSeer- Thanks, I need to make an image with this battleship and the enemy one squaring off, he he

Sapo- I checked smartFTP and in your infinite wisdom, you didn't actually put the video in the zip file, and you forgot to link to the thread I started about the propoganda speech-thingy

Also, I need to get in on this video action, like me... drawing... something.

Anyway thanks guys for your support!

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Sorry guys, but I wasn't able to FTP it up last night, something about the target machine refusing the connection.

And Mark, apparently in your infinite pessimism you overlooked the the EDIT I made right above the link...

In any case I was able to upload it this morning, so have fun!

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An interesting video to be sure... but carriers are still for pussies, Sapo

[grin]Actually, (warning: game design)I think carriers are for very long range attacks, or indirect attacks around things(like asteroid fields), and battleships, which have more firepower, are for attacking things directly.
Battlecruisers would become the carrier killers, being fast enough to catch carriers by following fighters home, and having enough firepower to destroy them easily. You could also use them in conjuction with Anti-Fighter Missile Cruisers for 'air' defense, as represented in the equation

Battlecruisers + Missile Cruisers = Badness for Carriers

In other news, look for an ultimate ship montage in the near future.

-Mark the Artist

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Battlecruisers + Missile Cruisers = Badness for Carriers

True, but put enough distance between the Carrier and it's target, and the Carrier's air wing can inflict some serious damage on any incoming capital ship (assuming you detect it early enough of course....)

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Not with organic point defense and Missile Cruisers, biatch!

Any carrier hunting group would have the afformentioned missle cruisers to thin the fighters before they got to the ships, which themselves have point defense.

Let me school you on space combat:
The reason why there even are large ships, is because there is a limit how small fusion reactors can be made(fighters+bombers are too small), which also limits the size of a vessel that can support energy shields and high powered energy weapons. Large ships are simply more efficient in terms of firepower and armor per unit.

Fighters would be used combatively to flank enemy ships, negating their air defense, to chase down injured retreating vessels that your other ships can't reach, to attack poorly defended scout vessels, or just plain scout around for the enemy or targets of oppurtunity.

This is space, not Leyte Gulf, and ships here are more maneuverable compared to fighters than in sea warfare.

There is a place for fighters, but given gameplay aspects giving them that much power is silly, it'd turn into 'who-can-find-the enemy-and-launch-their-fighters-first' rather than 'strategy-that-can't-be-broken-down-into-a-hyphenated-phrase'

Besides, we already made an airplane game.

Other people: this is what usually happens behind the scenes, I hope you're enjoying the insight [grin]

-Mark teh Arteest

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